If you're looking to parent without fear or anxiety, seeking to reduce conflict, or want greater connectedness within your family unit or in school, look no further. When I am doing parenting, I work with the parents rather than the children. I meet with parents regarding a variety of issues and concerns. Such as:

  • Behavioral challenges (e.g., aggressive behavior, avoidance)
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Emotional difficulties (anxiety, irritability, depression)
  • Homework issues (procrastination)
  • Managing transitions ( birth of a sibling, moving, entering a new school, death of a grandparent or pet)
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Parenting quirky kids
  • Ways to discuss difficult topics ( sexuality, divorce, illness, death, etc.)

I work with parents to develop strategies and develop coping skills to address their parenting concerns. I typically do not see the child except for reviewing the reward chart and family check-ins. I answer development questions, concerns regarding developmental challenges, or specific social-emotional, cognitive or behavioral issues of a child. All of this  work is done directly with the parents.

I enjoy the process of working with the parents to help them find the answers to their problems. I do this in a gentle coaching manner, guiding from behind and letting you know when you are onto more positive parenting skills. Knowing that this  will bring relief to you and your whole family. The best news is when the parents tell me “I’ve got it, I know we can handle it from here.”

Services is a continual process of seeking and losing emotional connection, and reaching out to find it again. The bond of love is a living thing. If we don't attend to it, it naturally begins to wither.

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​Using evidence-based therapy (EFT), learn about the leading research and science of love, adult attachment patterns and the language of emotion. We will explore through structured conversations, the patterns in your relationship. These conversations  will support you to interact in ways that nourish and deepen your relationship.

The end of a relationship or relationship troubles can be life-shattering experiences. Whether it is sudden or years in the making, it is stressful and helpful to work with a therapist through it. In a comfortable and confidential space you will discover ways of managing and moving forward with your life. You will learn strengths and focus on the healthy and unhealthy behaviors that helped you survive life so far. ​We will cover:
Deal with stuck patterns and negative cycles
Make sense of your own emotions and triggers
Repair and forgive emotional injuries
Deepen your emotional and physical connection

​Relationships that help you grow and heal

Anger Management
Behavioral Issues
Career Counseling
Coping Skills


Peer Relationships
Relationship Issues
Women's Issues

And Many, Many More!